The Galaxy evolves rapidly,
yet most still use old maps.

We are not satisfied,
we are insatiable.

The Crew

  • Misz Galubinski Co-Founder
    Misz was the pioneer of interaction design in Poland. But more importantly, today he still leads the avant-garde of this hard domain. To say he knows his trade inside-out is an understatement. Most of all, he worries the competition. A lot.

    Misz speaks the language of client requirements and expectations fluently. In addition, he has a good feel for creating simple, usable interfaces. Oh, and he hates routine, he is also mostly right when he suggests far-reaching, unconventional solutions. BIO. SOON.
  • Balzac Zaganczyk Co-Founder
    What can be fitted within a two dimensional space of 1x1? That is in Planck length. According to Balzac - everything. Everything that you need, to make your interface carry tales of emotions. That’s because without them, there is no interaction and no engagement.

    Balzac designs, or more precisely speaking, creates situations of human-machine interaction. For that you must first understand humans, then you have to get technical. BIO. SOON.
  • Damian chmiel Young Blood
    At the very beginning Damian said he wants to be the best. He could not have found a better place to learn. He stands for youth and enthusiasm. At the same time he has got a good head on his shoulders and no bad pixels. He is 100% engaged, but he does not get stuck. He gets straight to the point when necessary. He has the ability to impress even the toughest veterans. BIO. SOON.


  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Value Proposition
  • Monetization Proposition
  • Product Service
  • User Journey Maps
  • Empathy & Experience Maps
  • Heuristic Evaluations
  • Information Architecture
  • Blueprints & Touchpoints
  • Content Models
  • Creative Direction
  • App Icon Design
  • Tutorial Storyboarding
  • Native, Web & Hybrid App Design

Great brands rely on us to get things done

“It is true pleasure to work with him because of his
engagement and passion for what he does. He strive to be
perfect, but also strives to meet deadlines.”

Lukasz Felsztukier

Founder & CEO at Linteri

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