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Digital Poland


How to present qualities and actions that pave the way for ambitious endeavors? How to talk about the mission of the Foundation that wants to make Poland one of the leading global digital innovation hubs?


  • Year 2018 - Present
  • Website redesign, research, benchmarks analysis
  • Lean design&dev allowing for comfortable budget-timeline balance
  • 2 weeks sprint for delivery stage 1
  • 20 weeks to close the BETA
  • Currently working on stage 3





At first, the basic premise of the project was a simple fix of the Foundation’s landing page. However, we quickly convinced the client to expand the website with dedicated subpages. Time was of the essence here, as it was very limited, similarly as the planned budget. We have decided to split the project into stages. Those will evenly divide work, cost and time, allowing the delivery of the desired product. This solution, based on steady expansion of the site’s content in time, was accepted, and we could begin working on the Beta version, showing the minimal necessary information about the Foundation.


We are currently in the middle of developing the Beta version


The fold experiments


DIgitalPoland homapage people
DigitalPoland current initiatives
DigitalPoland claim and pattern map
DigitalPoland copy concept
DigitalPoland claim and pattern
DigitalPoland steering comittee
DigitalPoland homepage

Fluent animations smoothly displaying of the story.


Initiative covers

Initiative covers

DigitalPoland digital CEO initiative cover
DigitalPoland e-health initiative cover
DigitalPoland fintech
DigitalPoland digital education
DigitalPoland digital R&D
DigitalPoland study tours
DIgitalPoland marketing & communications
DigitalPoland smart city

Our task consisted of branding works, their target being to create the desired feeling for Digital Poland Foundation. So, we are talking about moodboards with first geometric key visuals (more on that soon), and picture based moodboads.

Below is a fragment of finished designs, based on photos from service. Among them are the first sneak peaks of cover ideas for Digital Poland’s own publications, like raports.

Mobile screens in the next case update


First concepts of key visuals for Digital Poland publications


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