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Why us

We work systematically to get right down to the bottom of every project. We analyse business goals, we define possibilities and limitations of each product, we evaluate user needs and motivations. Simply put, we provide fertile soil for interactions to grow.

We think that every single pixel matters. Each one should be an element of visual perfection. At the same time we don’t fall in love with the effects of our work, not upon first sight, and not later in the process. We keep calling every bluff. We benchmark and test everything. The final assessment of our work is always in the hands of the end user.

Who we are

VKNGS is a team of professionals fluent in analysis and optimisation of User Interfaces. We have years of experiences behind us, including cooperation with digital agencies, software houses and private companies. We have never been and we will never be a design factory, even though we also work with some of the biggest banks, pharmaceutical companies and telecoms.

We bring a fresh point of view and original work methods to each project. We take a close look first and then take a step back to see the big picture, because we think it is equally important to have a good general overview and polish every detail under a magnifying glass. We are interested in real effects, which we can achieve while working with the client – higher quality, higher conversion, increased revenues.

Błażej Zagańczyk

Founder, CEO & The Nexus Point

Damian Chmiel

Designer & Eagle Eye

Bernard Szlachetka

COO & Black Ops Specialist

Mariusz Salach

Junior Designer & Powerhouse

For whom

We design for international corporations and for start-up companies worldwide with an equal amount of engagement into each project. We feel comfortable working within the reality of large organizations, where information flows simultaneously from many departments, and while working with young companies, which are only beginning their journey. We are equally interested in small innovative projects and huge undertakings, which are based on different mechanisms. We like to create new solutions and improve existing ones.

Our mission

Each consecutive day solidifies our belief in the importance of User Interface as an element of every digital tool. Our clients to date know this well by now. Now it’s time to go further. As VKNGS we have set ourselves the goal to support the the teams which we work with in gaining more and more UX and UI related competencies. We are convinced that designing with the end user in mind at every stage of the project is the key to success. Moreover – we think that in the coming years every single undertaking in the digital industry will require solid knowledge in the field of designing interactions and UX.

Our offer

Interface &

Interaction Design

A good user interface is a guarantee of a fluent interaction. The interaction should work like an organic form of glue, which keeps the user and the product idea together. We know how to make this type of adhesive and we know the right ingredients.

With our passion for designing interactions we become the catalyst for your business goals and functions. We create a solid bridge between the user and the moment those goals are achieved.

The User Interface is the only language, which we use in the process of communicating with blocks of raw data and functions. UI is not necessarily visual, and it is also the only way to make the works of a digital clock turn.

Consultancy &


If you already have a product or service with great potential you’ve built a database, where you keep the data regarding your users and their activities. You know your product and the conditions in which it works. Now you want to take it further, you need a new, fresh look, and perhaps even a completely new way of presenting your idea. That’s what we do every day. We know what needs to be done.

We begin our work by conducting solid research of user behavior. We analyse the gathered data, we identify dead ends, we discover new opportunities. We create a map of soft spots, and strengths of your product or service. We correct the current mechanisms and implement new solutions.

And you can watch your revenues grow.

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